Deborah C.

Debbie truly cares about our patients, especially the children.  During an appointment, Debbie has wide-ranging conversations about books, movies and TV shows, not only because she loves our patients, but also to achieve the goal of putting them at ease and providing the best hygiene experiences possible.  She especially enjoys watching the children grow and discussing their changing interests.

Debbie also cares for many patients who are afraid of dentistry.  Her warmth and gentle touch put all patients at ease and create a trusting relationship.

A native of Beverly, Debbie has been a hygienist at our practice for almost 10 years.  She is a graduate of Forsythe Dental Hygiene School and also attended California State University at Fullerton, graduating with a degree in Business Administration.   Debbie has a daughter living in Los Angeles and another in Philadelphia.  She enjoys traveling near and far, recently returning from a trip to Amsterdam.

Joy M.

Joy graduated from Middlesex Community College's Dental Hygiene program in 1994 and joined our practice 15 years ago.  Although an experienced hygienist, Joy believes "it's not all about dentistry - it's about wellness." Joy has taken many Continuing Education courses about dentistry, nutrition and well being and how all three intertwine for overall health.

Joy especially loves working with people who are fearful of dentistry. Her gentle touch and caring personality put all of her patients at ease and allow for regular, anxiety-free dental care.

A resident of Peabody, Joy has three children: Deven, Jordan, and Krystana. She loves to exercise - any activity that will keep her in shape for the long term - and is currently passionate about 5 a.m. boot camp classes (!!) and yoga.

Carley R.

In 2021, we realized we needed to add another hygienist to our team. We have extremely high expectations of our staff members and we wanted someone fabulous to join us. Someone amazing. Someone with great skills and a great personality. A specialist we highly respect recommended a patient of hers who was a hygienist. Two of our hygienists suggested a patient of ours who was a hygienist and they thought she was great.

Everyone was recommending Carley. And they were all correct - she is amazing.

Carley was born and raised in Lynn and received her hygiene license from Regis College. She works here two days a week, and during the other week days, she works in numerous public schools on the North Shore cleaning the teeth of children who lack dental insurance and who do not receive any dental care; Carley teaches them about good oral hygiene practices as well. Helping kids in need, teaching them good oral hygiene skills - that's how amazing Carley is!

Albanian, Carley loves to bake and cook, especially traditional Albanian desserts with her Yaya. She understands spoken Albanian and is proficient in Spanish as well.

In her spare time, Carley is planning her wedding to Aaron, and especially likes to exercise on her Peloton. She has become Dr. Jay's toughest competition on the Peloton, usually besting him on the bike. (Sorry Jay!)

Cheryl S.

Cheryl's operatory tends to be loud. Extremely loud. Laughter pours from her room as patients receive amazing cleanings in a truly fun atmosphere. Cheryl has worked for the practice for almost 30 years - while in high school she worked as an assistant for Dr. Garber, and then after graduation from Middlesex Community College's Dental Hygiene program, she re-joined the practice as a hygienist.  As a result, Cheryl enjoys long-term friendships with her patients and truly understands their specific needs.  She strives to provide her patients with the best dental care they have ever had while helping them feel as comfortable as possible in our family-oriented dental practice.  Hygiene appointments with Cheryl are thorough yet filled with laughter. Patients describe leaving hygiene appointments with Cheryl with a smile on the face.

Cheryl has a daughter Olivia and a son Louis and lives in Lynn.  Although she spends most of her time after work carting them around to all of their sports and activities, Cheryl makes time to work out in the gym and loves to run along the water.