New Patients

We don't fix teeth, we fix lives.

OK, we know this is really corny, but this statement truly represents our approach to dentistry.  Certainly, we can fill a cavity, but we hope to address your overall well-being, all in a fun, relaxed environment to reduce your stress and to provide you with the best dental experience possible.

First Visit

Your first visit to our practice usually involves a comprehensive examination performed by one of our dentists.  The doctor will discuss your medical history; please make sure you can provide current information including medication, dosages, and frequency, including over-the-counter and prescription strength medicines - this really makes a difference! We will also want to know the names and contact information for all of your physicians and if you have experienced any recent health issues including hospitalizations.  This information is critical in evaluating your current oral health, and can influence the course of treatment.

Let's Talk!

We want to get to know you!  We will ask about your family, interests and hobbies, and if you have any dental concerns. How did you hear about us? What are your dental goals? This information proves helpful to the dental team in determining future care.

Your new dentist will want to take an X-ray of your mouth; if you have had X-rays taken recently by another dentist, please contact that practice and ask to have the X-rays sent to our office, or fill out the transfer records form found above and we will send the request.  We like to use low radiation, digital panorex X-rays as they provide clear pictures of your jaw, roots, the position of your teeth, your sinuses and TMJ joints, leading to superior diagnostics.  We also may take bitewing X-rays to check for decay.

The doctor will evaluate the findings with you, and discuss recommendations for follow-up care, if necessary.

The doctor frequently will clean your teeth at this visit.


Based on your initial visit, your dentist will recommend regular checkups, typically every six months but possibly more frequently if necessary.  One of our hygienists will clean your teeth but you will have an exam by a dentist at each appointment.  Visiting our office regularly is recommended so that we can address problems early, check for issues that may still not be detectable by you, and identify early signs of decay.  These checkups will also involve an oral exam, where the dental team will evaluate the health of your mouth, gums, cheeks and tongue.  We will also check to make sure existing fillings and other dental work are intact and not showing signs of deterioration from chewing and grinding.

We look forward to seeing you soon.